Known for his dialect and wordplay, Sonny Cheeba’s distinctive flow and voice have made him one of the most unique and original characters in Hip-Hop music. His unique delivery landed him a guest appearances on Will Smith’s Big Willie Style LP in the late 90’s as he was tapped to do the hook for “Yes Yes Y’all”. The feel good vibe represented what Camp Lo and Sonny Cheeba are all about. Recently Cheeba has leaked a few of his own solo underground gems and has featured on the song “I’m Me” from The Avalanches LP Wildflower. Because of his vision and ability to mesh the past with the present inside his own language, the Ameretta sippin’ Sonny Cheeba is an icon with his partner Geechie Suede and has helped carve a path that represents all of hip-hop’s elements while still keeping it very Camp Lo. Cheeba and Suede will continue to rep The Boogie Down Bronx and be a distinct voice for Black Culture.

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