Music : Uptown Saturday Night

01. Krystal Karrington
02. Luchini A.K.A. This Is It
03. Park Joint
04. B-Side to Hollywood (featuring Trugoy The Dove of De La Soul)
05. Killin’ em Softly
06. Sparkle
07. Black Connection
08. Swing (featuring Ish AKA Butterfly)
09. Rockin’ It A.K.A. Spanish Harlem
10. Say Word (featuring Jungle Brown)
11. Negro League (featuring Bones & Karachi R.A.W.)
12. Nicky Barnes A.K.A. It’s Alright (featuring Jungle Brown)
13. Black Nostaljack A.K.A. Come On
14. Coolie High
15. Sparkle (Mr. Midnight Mix)

Originally Released on Profile 1997
Re-Released by Arista in 1998
Artwork by Dr. Revolt

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